WSA Soccer is The World Soccer Academy  and was established in 2001, by Eduardo Badescu and his partners Constantin Ignat and William Rosales.The Academy has provided a first class soccer development program for young players who wish to significantly advance their soccer skills and knowledge of the game. 

“WSA  Mission is to provide world class soccer training to every child with an opportunity to play soccer at his/her highest level in a safe and supportive environment that encourages the development of soccer skills and the love of the game”

As a leader and innovator within the Winnipeg and Manitoba soccer community, the World Soccer Academy saw a PDL team in the USL as the next step in developing the game in Winnipeg.  

WSA believes in the power of education to raise the level of soccer in Manitoba and Canada and is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth players.


2016 Wishlist WSA 2.png

  1. We wish for ever improving working relationships among the various soccer organizations in our city and country.
  2. We wish that our local soccer governance embrace the private enterprises.
  3. We wish for calm to prevail over adults during a match so that abuse will no longer be hurled at young referees – We want those young refs to become adult refs someday and to not drop out due the nonsense they sometimes hear from coaches and spectators.
  4. We wish that every single coach in the Manitoba and Canada had a coaching license consistent for the level that they coach at; after all, the players deserve a qua lied coach.
  5. We wish that soccer would continue to grow by including more people from inner-city and rural communities.
  6. We wish that all soccer clubs had disability soccer .
  7. We wish that all clubs had and used a well thought out curriculum for player development.
  8. We wish that for the sake of fun and good health that more people participated in soccer as a lifetime sport.
  9. We wish that we have a professional women’s league for Manitoba and Canada.
  10. We wish that the meaningless divide between “RECreational” and “COMPetitive” soccer dissolves and the community clubs get morinvolved.
  11. We wish that our local soccer clubs embrace PDL.