WSA Winnipeg Wrap-Up 2015 Season with a Bang!

Wolf Pack Season Ends with Moses Danto achieving 3rd consecutive selection to Central All–Conference Team

Winnipeg, MB – July 30, 2015

As we do every year, with the last game of the season a distant memory, the WSA Winnipeg coaches, players and staff can look back on the 2015 season to evaluate what happened and what needs to be done to improve for the next season. As in 2014, there were two distinct phases for the 2015 season.  The first six games the Wolf Pack established a 0-2-4 record, and with the last eight games played, finished the season at 0-2-12. At first glance the season results might seem disappointing for the players and coaching staff, however most of the last eight games could have gone either way. WSA was in every game and just inexperience held the team from having more success - but to be fair it was not unexpected.  Coach Eduardo Badescu, as in 2014, knew he had a young team heading into 2015, and that making the play-offs would be a challenge.  "We have a young team that is highly skilled and eager to succeed." said coach Badescu. "Our team will be better next year as they have learned a valuable lesson, a season is much like a marathon race, not a sprint race." continued coach Badescu.  "Mental preparation is as important as physical preparation at this level as the season is intense and will grind you down. But most importantly we are about developing players. All our players are local products or have local connections,” Badescu said, “and that's the way WSA Winnipeg is going to continue to go about things. We're doing very well. We have local players. Everybody has players from away. We use local players and it's our biggest secret - that we give them a chance, the opportunity. Also, they grow up in USL /PDL, they're more mature.  We're about 19, our average age, probably one of the youngest in the league  Our young team now has that experience and will be better next year because of it." stated coach Eduardo.

At this point, WSA Winnipeg would like to mention that WSA’s Moses Danto has achieved his third consecutive selection to the Central All-Conference Team.  Being selected 3 years in a row shows Moses' consistent high level of play.  Further, being one of only four players in the PDL league to have consecutive selections (2013, 2014 & 2015) demonstrates Danto's super-star status. At the young age of twenty Moses Danto has a soccer resume that most players would love to have.  He has led the WSA Wolf Pack team in scoring for the last three seasons, has PDL All-Conference team selections, and PDL player of the week selections, Canadian National team experience and the list goes on. "As person who has watched and helped Moses develop over the years, I can honestly say that he has the size, speed, skills and maturity to take his game to the next level." said coach Eduardo Badescu.  Moses can and is successfully competing head to head with much more veteran players, without a doubt he is ready to take the next step in his very young soccer career.

We would like at this point also to thank all of our fabulous fans… the support that you give us is truly appreciated. At home games our fans are the "twelfth" man on the field giving us that extra push when we need it.  On the road our fan support through the social media has been outstanding!  Our fans make our Pack stronger! Thank You!

Our corporate support has been exceptional… Boston Pizza, Mondetta and all of our sponsors (please visit our website for a complete listing) you have all been with us from the beginning.  We ask our friends, families and fans to patronize our sponsors as we are nothing without them.  Thank You!

And last but certainly not least, we thank our volunteers… the work you put in to make our team a success is not unnoticed.  We know who you are and what you do for us.  Cheers and please keep up your excellent work… there are no better volunteers anywhere! THANK YOU!

Our season is over… but we are actively preparing for next year already.  Some new and exciting changes are in store for next year so keep an eye on the website as we will be updating on a regular basis and as always…


Thank You,

Eduardo Badescu, Coach and President WSA Winnipeg